OP+ Opening Titles

If something is in the dark, does it really exist? Maybe life only appears once we cast light and our eyes on it at the same time? Or will it appear only when it catches shadows and becomes an everlasting battleground between light and darkness? Is space rigid and it’s only us that bend, deform and distort in it? Or the other way around?

Come along to a visual exploration of light and dark, of what is present and what is not. A studio film and an opening sequence to a weekly cultural magazine wrapped in one.

We would like to thank Janek Murd (soundcloud.com/janek-murd) for his enormous contribution by creating a fantastic soundtrack to the film. And also our gratitude goes towards Antti Häkli and Mariina Mälk from ETV for giving us time and total freedom to create this film.

Estonian Public Broadcasting
Designed & Directed
Janek Murd
ADC*Europe Awards 2019
European Design Awards 2019
Estonian Design Awards 2018