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Estonian Design Awards 2016

We were asked to produce the event graphics for Estonain Design Awards ceremony. Our starting point was the overall signage created by design studio Polaar that played around with the black D-letter and additional flat shapes to create objects and themes related to categories.

We produced 5 category intros, each of them carrying a hidden message. There were (in order of appearance):

Life-changing Design Award: Working in a box but always thinking out of it and always being in control of the mess that surrounds us.

Graphic and Web Design Award: Layers, layers, layers. Each of them important to the outcome. Look at one and nothing makes sense, look at them in correct order and everything will.

Young Designer Award: Reaching the top requires patience, will-power and perfect timing. And sometimes the waves come crashing down on you.

Service Design Award: Getting to the core of the issue, stripping everything, fixing the fundamental errors and then putting it back together.

Product design: Working with both soft and hard fabrics. Being in control of flowing shapes and hard edges.

The visuals were projected onto 5 x 15 metre screen that bent over the stage and audience.

Estonian Design Centre
Directed & Animated by
TOLM, Kadri-Maria Mitt (Polaar), Robi Jõeleht (Polaar)