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Cyber Attack Demo Videos

The general public needs to be constantly aware of the prevailing cybersecurity risks, receive risk management advice, and be emphasized that the development of cybersecurity knowledge and skills are a shared responsibility of all cyberspace actors.

Therefore, explanatory animated videos were created to improve the understanding of the public sector, businesses, the press and policymakers about the threats in cyberspace so that they can (without falling victim to a cyber-attack themselves) make and justify cybersecurity decisions. The animations explain in a simple and humane way what cybercriminals are, what their motives are, and how easy it is to fall victim to cybercrime.

The animations describe five of the most common cyber-attack methods, the motivation and strategy behind each one of them along with the devastating outcome after the success of such an attack.

Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet
Produced, Designed & Directed
Laura Noodapera