TOLM is Joosep and Maido.

We don't have a specific style - we use what we have mastered to match the challenge at hand. From abstract to straightforward, from hue, tint, tone to monochrome, we bend space, key frames and warp between dimensions to give meaning to lines, shapes, and time. All in a variety of styles.

We partner with design agencies to set their ideas to motion or help world-changing products and services connect to their audience.

We love working on hero films, opening titles, channel branding and explainers. If your journey needs a direction, then invite us on board.

Our eagerness for fresh challenges is ever-present. To prove that our approach works, we have some pretty neat awards, including two ADC*Europe Golds, to our name.

We are located in Tallinn, Estonia. If you're not afraid of our blunt honesty and find yourself around, stop by for a beer and a chat!


European Design Awards 2020
ADC*Europe Awards 2019
European Design Awards 2019
German Design Awards 2017
European Design Awards 2016
ADC*Europe Awards 2015